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I’m packing and I came across this message, written I don’t know when, by Jonny. 

So much love you guys. So much.

I’m packing and I came across this message, written I don’t know when, by Jonny.

So much love you guys. So much.


Sometimes, when I want to feel close to Jonny, I’ll wear an item of his clothing.

Today, I’m wearing his socks.


In two different places.

1. This past weekend, home to Long Island, NY, to be with my family for my mom’s birthday (and because I haven’t seen my nephews since Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving!). For the first time in a long time, I was impressed with the beauty of where I grew up. It felt good to be there, felt really good to be with my family. The only thing missing was Jonny, who is wrapped up in his last two weeks of studying for the bar exam (omgthiswillbeamazingwhenit’sdonenotjustforhimbutformetoo).

Which leads me to…

2. Home. Here. In my condo. With my husband. And my dog. Home. This is my home. My branch of the family. Our little world.

It’s pretty grand.

Long-haired Jonny, circa 2007.
God, I love this man.

Long-haired Jonny, circa 2007.

God, I love this man.


I was just home in NY for the last five days, helping take care of my mom, who had minor surgery last week. She was in recovery by the time I was at the airport on my way to LaGuardia and my sister called to tell me the surgery went fine and everything was well, and I had a brief moment of thinking, maybe I don’t need to come…am I just going to be in the way? I was already at the airport though, so I boarded the plane and off I went.

My sister, dad and I tag teamed taking care of her all of Thursday. On Friday, both my dad and sister had to work, so it was just my mama and me. I made her breakfast and coffee, brought her lunch and snacks, helped her in and out of bed, and tried to entertain her with my general ridiculousness. At one point, helping her sit up to take some medicine, she looked at me and said, “I’m SO glad you’re here.”

It felt good to be there for her, after countless times of her being there for me, even if most of what I was really doing was bringing her food and hanging out while watching countless episodes of House Hunters. I wasn’t in the way. On the contrary, I was there to pitch in and make sure the dishes were done and the house was clean and my mom was rested and my dad wasn’t too stressed. I was part of the family, in the same state, the same house, the same rooms. We were all together.

It was a lovely weekend.

Cry, baby…

I’m a crybaby. That’s been well-documented on this blog. I didn’t know, though, how much that would come into play on my wedding day. Part of me thought I’d be bawling all day long (from happy emotions) and part of me thought I’d surprise myself (and Jonny) and not shed one tear. Like most things, it ended up somewhere in the middle of my two extreme expectations.

The whole day I was relaxed and happy and chipper and laughing and making jokes and faces at the camera. I thought I was pretty much free and clear until we sat down to sign the ketubah (Jewish marriage license) and the rabbi began the official wedding (in Jewish tradition, you’re actually married when you sign the ketubah, not during the ceremony. So you’re married before anyone sets foot down the aisle and under the chuppah). He started it with a traditional prayer song and I looked at everyone there, the bridal party and some close friends and family, realized what was about to take place and there went the tears.

It was the most beautiful moment. Everyone there for us…everyone so happy and beaming and crying and laughing all at the same time. It was really really fun and special.

Happy anniversary, Jonny.

I love you.

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